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2001 Highway (Goldenvine Records): He'd Have To Walk Through The Blood; Master Of Grace; He Brought Me Out; Apple Of His Eye; 365 Days; At Jesus Coming; When He Loves Me Most; The Road With Jesus; Should've Been Loving You; Victory Side; The Lighthouse.

2003 Closer (Goldenvine Records/GVP12032): Put Your New White Robe On; Sound Of The Trumpets; Sea Walker; The Man Who Really Hung The Moon; Sing Hallelujah; Just Before The Fall; Love Doesn't Get Any Deeper Than This; Let Jesus Shine Through; I'm Not Serving A Memory; King Of Kings; The Last Train.

2005 The Very Best Of...And More (Daywind Records/DAY1417): In Spite Of The Storm; Hello In Heaven; Once Was Enough; Something Out Of Nothing; Rise Up; He'd Have To Walk Through The Blood; He'd Still Been God; One Out Of Ten; He'll Keep You Through; Children Of The Dust; Already Sold Out; Going Back.

2006 Live 2 (Goldenvine Records): 365 Days; He'd Have To Walk Through The Blood; Victory Side; When He Loves Me Most; Something Out Of Nothing; What Judas Didn't Know; God's Bigger Than Life; I Can't Make It Lord Without You; There Is A Cross In Your Way; Master Of Grace; Apple Of His Eye; He Brought Me Out; Graveclothes; Children Of The Dust; What A Day That Will Be; Amazing Grace; He Will Calm The Troubled Waters; He'd Still Been God; Hello In Heaven; I Saw The Light; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; I'll Fly; Let Me Fall; The Next Step; What A Way To Spend Forever; In A Whirlwind.

2007 Eyes On The Prize (Goldenvine Records/2707GVP): He Chose Me; Cast In The Sea; Put Me In That Crowd; Three Rugged Crosses; If God Doesn't Have It; I Need A Drink; The Grace I Remember; Crossfire; Rich As I Can Be; Eyes On The Prize.

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